24th May 2023


The President Mr Jaydev Shah and everyone in Saurashtra Cricket Association are happy to announce that SCA’s one of the most popular tournament SPL 2023 will be played from 15th June to 24th June 2023.


Five teams, Sorath Lions, Halar Heroes, Kucth Warriors, Gohilwad Gladiators and Zalawad Royals to participate in SPL 2023. There will be 11 matches including final which shall be played on 24th June 2023.


Today players drafting process for SPL 2023 was conducted and 18 players for each team have been selected.


President Jaydev Shah in his speech today expressed, “SPL is one of such very popular T20 tournament across the country that brings out best talents from our Region. This is the tournament which popularity has grown to leaps & bounds. I can proudly add that SPL has given great exposure and experience to our talents and many of our talented players are picked in recent chapter of IPL. During last domestic season, our teams and players have performed remarkably well that resulted to win prestigious Ranji Trophy, Vijay Hazare Trophy and also State A Under 25 Trophy  And that is the result of Association’s commitment to the Game”


Mr Niranjan Shah, Former Hon Secretary of BCCI expressed, “Saurashtra Cricket Association is committed to the Game of Cricket and give best platforms through different Cricketing activities that give best possible exposure and experiences to remarkable and upcoming cricketers of the Region. SPL is one of such platform that gives all required exposures to players for most popular T20 formats. SPL gives to our players good opportunities to show their ability to the World of Cricket. Our success by winning many prestigious tournaments are the results of good competitive Cricket that we conduct.


SPL 2023 players drafting was independently conducted by Mr Manan Vakil of very notable Chartered Accountants firm Ms Nautam R Vakil & Co from Ahmedabad.


Mr Karan Shah, Hon Joint Secretary of Saurashtra Cricket Association gave Vote of Thanks and expressed, “This is one of the best T20 tournament that are being played in India. The drafting process of players for SPL 2023 have been conducted remarkably well today. All five teams have selected best of the players to have very competitive tournament. SPL 2023 shall commence from 15th June 2023. I thank all selectors, Coaches, team support, admin support and also Mr Manan Vakil for conducting the draft very smoothly and with all transparency. In time to come, we all shall witness very good quality of Cricket.”


Drafting process of SPL 2023 was live broadcast on Saurashtra Cricket Association’s YouTube Channel.