You shall be missed forever

Once Daddy's cremation had concluded in India yesterday, I went to his beloved cricket club in Finchley where he played many a summer league match on the suggestion of Mummy ??. It was his happy place: the cricket, the lifelong friendships, family gatherings and the visceral joy of sport and togetherness. Yes he'd played at some of the largest stadiums in the world but it was his beloved Finchley in London where his heart lay. Diya and I grew up at the club with our parents and some of our most fondest memories of Daddy are there. I lay red roses on the wicket and said a prayer. Red roses as red as a new season ball with leaves as green as the lush outfield. As I concluded, the Heavens broke loose and torrential rain thundered down. The Gods were crying with us. Daddy has joined the Celestial First XI and the opposition better watch out! With bowling averages like 6-27, he is unstoppable. FCC's flag is at half mast, saluting the great cricketer that was Daddy ??. 

- Reema Kumari Jadeja