Know your Star.. Know your favourite Cricketer - Sheldon Jackson

Sheldon Jackson was born on 27th September 1986 at Bhavnagar. He started his education in Bhavnagar and then for few years moved to Mumbai. Came back once again to Bhavnagar; there when he started playing Cricket in Bharucha Cricket Club from the age of 13.

Sheldon's mother was a teacher. His mother Sederene, his uncle Lester Bell and aunty Jennifer Bell supported and encouraged little Sheldon to build up Cricket Carrier. They helped him to get Cricket kits and put him to right place to learn the game. It is surely a difficult and challenging decision for parents to let their child to drift towards the Sport at early and tender age; and let the child choose the sport over education. Sheldon's parents and guardians were brave enough to take such decision. He got all required support, encouragement and loving care to firmly build up his Cricket career.

In Sheldon's word, "It is indeed hard to say who found out my talent and nurtured it. The only name that comes to my mind is Saurashtra Cricket Association and its talented coaches. In early days, I can say that I was in good hands. What I learnt from coaches of Saurashtra Cricket Association helped me immensely."

Sheldon's Cricketing Idol since very long time has been Gautam Gambhir for various reasons. In Sheldon's views, Gautam Gambhir has all the qualities a cricketer would look upon; honesty, hardworking, dedication and above all required determination and aggression.

However, in every moment of his life, Sheldon's mother Sederene has always been his inspiration. Sederene has seen all ups and downs of life. But she always stand by Sheldon and kept teaching him quality and ethics of life. She taught him to be firm and humble, strong and loving, aggressive and focused. Sheldon is God fearing family man.

When he was first selected to play in Saurashtra's One Day Squad, he was just 18. He was on a road trip with his friend when he got this news. He was informed that he was to join the team once he is back from the road trip. Sheldon was immensely elated. He thanked God first and then his mother and his guardians for making this happen. Sheldon never looked back after that. Because of his incessant performances, he then got selected in Saurashtra's squad of every format.

Sheldon feels that Saurashtra team is very relaxed team where there is no undue pressure either from the Captain or Management. And that makes every player of the team to shine out their individual talents for best possible team performance. He has been integral and important team player of Saurashtra Squad which recently been Ranji Trophy Runners up in 2013 and 2016. Sheldon's in his many sparkling performance selects his inning of 107 runs in Semi Final against Punjab making his team reach to final of Ranji Trophy 2012-13. He adds, " We as a team have seen many lows and highs in the game, but we have always stuck together right from worst to better to best. I cannot express enough in words how great it is to be in Team of Saurashtra."
Sheldon breaths Cricket. In his words, " Cricket has changed me, my life, my ways of living. Cricket has given me motto to live better life."

In two seasons of IPL, Sheldon has been with Kolkata Knight Riders. It has been great journey for him. He learnt a lot from great teammates of KKR.

Sheldon's another favourite sport is Football. He enjoys every moment of playing Football as and when team plays for warm-ups.

His hobbies are travelling. He loves exploring different parts of the world.

His best and favourite way of relaxation is to spend time with his loving mother, his dog Casper and hang around with close friends.
He strongly feels that fitness is very personal thing and all about attitude towards life. He has learnt that more fit you are, longer you can run the race, be it your profession, your personal life. He believes in train hard and eat well.

He is big fan of Shahrukh Khan. His favourite actress is Priyanka Chopra. His favourite song is Hotel California.

Sheldon is man of determination with gentle heart and focused mind.