Jaydev Shah

It can easily be said that “he was born with a silver spoon”. However having born in the first family of Saurashtra cricket, Jaydev Shah has not taken an inch of the above facts for granted, when it comes to cricket and being a cricketer. If you visit SCA Stadium, you can still see this determined man batting in the nets for hours working on his skills, doing intensive fielding session with young U-19 boys and sweating out in the gym to remain fit for his personal preparation. Playing 100 first class games is by no means a small achievement.

One of the most successful Captain of Saurashtra, Jaydev has lead his team to 1st ever National Championship of Vijay Hazare Trophy. He also went on to lead Saurashtra to 1st ever Ranji Trophy final.. The inborn trait of leadership in Jaydev created a passion & hunger in the team to do something different and achieve as a team. The fellow team mates felt ease, comfort and confident in his leadership and were always keen to do well to see Saurashtra achieve success.

“Work hard, party harder”- is always been Jaydev’s theory. He created an independence in the team to grow and gave space to each of the individual to play & perform for the team. If as a player, you can contribute, work hard towards the teams cause and have a will to win, you will find this man standing right besides you to support.

However once the game is over or the training session has finished, he is a very private man. He will choose to go to his “Out-house” created by & with his own vision to just chill and relax. One of the hidden talent this man possess is the outstanding sense  of professional level in respect of Home décor, furnishings, beautification, lightings and interiors.

His own Out-house which is a “beauty of a place” is prime example that Jaydev has a deep insights for amenities for developing and furnishing a Place with minute details. A soothing calm place like his, is evidence that Jaydev’s skills in this area is of high taste with simplicity and surprisingly low cost. One can say: ‘It was a genetic skill acquired through heredity as his Dad also created one of the most amazing and beautiful stadium of India with the lowest cost.’

Jaydev Shah is a man of many qualities but to sum up I can say he is
-a friend you can approach any time,
-a man with lots of compassion for others requirements,
-a leader who always wants to do well, and
-a person who can lighten up the place just by entering in to it.

Cheers mate, stay the way you are.

- By Prakash Bhatt

(Prakash Bhatt is prominent and famous Cricketer from Saurashtra. He has played 51 first class matches and scored 3300 runs. He has been captain for Ranji Trophy team of Saurashtra. He played in Duleep Trophy and Deodhar Trophy for West Zone. He also played professional cricket in England and Kenya. Presently, he is official BCCI match referee.)