When we look at the great Sachin Tendulkar and his lavish life style, his well deserved and earned money, his Ferrari and BMW car and all those luxuries he cherishes, we simply can say, “How good the life is with him”. But this is only one side of a coin and the picture on the other side of coin is tremendously tough and full of struggles. An average Indian cricketer stays way from his family and home for at least 9 to 10 months of a year. Every week he is at a new place with tiring long journeys.

We hardly can see these sacrifices been given by this great individuals in day to day life. The smallest of the activity of these celebrities are minutely monitored by the people and media. They can not go out with family and friends to normal shopping or picnic. In addition to all these, security concerns force them to remain behind the closed doors. After long and hard days of cricket in which they carry expectations of billion people, they cannot even take a relaxing walk on the beach.  Sachin Tendulkar often before any cricket tour pays his worship at Siddhi Vinayak Temple in Mumbai. To do this he cant go there during the day time but has to go there as early as 3 o’ clock in the morning so as to avoid the traffic and security concerns. It is like, to keep his own time to him and his family Sachin Tendulkar has to literally run away from media.

However this is a story after a thin short little boy from Bombay becomes a National Icon as Tendulkar. But very few people know the life style of this Gentleman when he was only 12-13 years old boy and “the becoming of the Great Sachin Tendulkar” was in the making on the scene.”

Sachin Tendulkar used to reach Shivaji Park by early in the morning to attend morning practice session. Then his coach Mr Achrekar would take him to any games being played at Cross Maidan / Azad Maidan. This is for reader’s information that these two huge grounds have so many cricket pitches in it and there are so many games are played at a same time on adjacent pitches. If he gets out in 1 match he would be taken to another one. This proceeding will continue till the evening. He would return to Shivaji Park in the evening to attend evening practice and correct those mistakes which he carried out in the games. When all these rigorous activities come to an end the day would have ended a long back.

All these routines keep on going not only for days but months and years. There is no room for late nights or clubbing.  After all these sacrifices of long years, this world gets one Great Sachin Tendulkar who is said to be a God gifted cricketer (!).

And  Even after reading to this true story if we still think that it is really easy to be Sachin Tendulkar, God bless us.

- By Prakash Bhatt
P.B. (Prakash Bhatt is prominent and famous Cricketer from Saurashtra. He has played 51 first class matches and scored 3300 runs. He has been captain for Ranji Trophy team of Saurashtra. He played in Duleep Trophy and Deodhar Trophy for West Zone. He also played professional cricket in England and Kenya. Presently, he is official BCCI match referee.)