A man with golden heart- Vikramsinhji Jadeja.

A person is best remembered on the basis of a very basic question: “How many lives were influenced by that particular person?” People can inspire others in many ways. Some lead by example and inspire, some works as teacher and motivate while some stand by you in thick and thin of times like a rock to hold you high. K S Vikramsihnji was one such person who possessed all the above traits.

Born in Porbandar, he developed himself as a fine all-round sports person at a very young age. Athletics was at the core of his fitness. He won so many 100, 200, 400 meters races and long jump competitions in this region at a junior level and set records for Saurashtra. Being awarded as ‘Best shot’ in the NCC seniors, Vikramsinhji went on to participate in 1952 Republic day parade as a member of 1st Saurashtra battalion NCC contingent.

When he went to Shamladas collage- Bhavnagar for his graduation, he further excelled in other sports. He was the captain of collage hockey team. It’s amazing to note the diverse interest and potential he had in all the different sports and games. However he inclined towards cricket and developed himself as a fine medium pace bowler during his university days. He quickly climbed the ladders to play Ranji trophy for Saurashtra in no time. He also was a very useful aggressive stroke full middle order batsman. He was a part of the Saurashtra Ranji trophy team for more than 5 years.

Among all this glory and achievement as an individual in sports and academics, his journey as a “Guru” started in 1954 when he joined Rajkumar Collage as a history teacher and sports coach. That’s when he started shaping lives of future stars and heroes. Vikramsihji ensured that the new generation goes through the education of strong character building. Being Director of games and sports of RKC, he brought about the huge infrastructural changes to the institute to make it a centre of excellence. His students of all ages fondly remember Vikramsinhji Sir for all his love, affection and sports coaching from whom they learnt all the virtues of life. Even after retiring from RKC, the teacher within him didn’t retire. Vikramsinhji helped building a school “Shree Saraswati Vidya Mandir” in Jakhan- Limbdi along with Life mission trust.

Vikramsinhji’s contribution to the game of cricket and to Saurashtra cricket association is second to none. He served in various capacities to the game he loved the most. Be it a selector, coach or team manager, Vikramsinhji gave more than 100% every time he wore that particular hat. Mr Niranjan Shah former secretary BCCI and SCA has many unforgettable memories with this great man. In a recently released coffee table book “K S Vikramsinhji Jadeja- the life and legacy”, Mr Shah acknowledged his contribution as under:

“He will be remembered forever with the feeling of admiration for his significant and immeasurable contribution to the promotion, prestige, popularity and glory of cricket”

This book contains beautiful memories with some great pictures which indeed exhibits the life lived and the legacy left behind by this noble soul. Saurashtra cricket association proudly remembers it’s stalwart with launching of this book and offers its respect by saying:

“Sir, you will live in our memories forever”

By Prakash Bhatt.