Record breaking entry to semi finals

In a Ranji trophy game, when a team looses first inning lead and that too of 177 runs,  it requires a magical turn around to come back and win that game.

In Lucknow, team Saurashtra just did that. But the more important thing here was that during the game itself the team knew they can do it. 

After the massive lead was conceded after the end of the first inning,  I had the privilege to communicate to both the captain and coach. And believe me,  both were of the opinion that a lot of time is left in this game. And that reflects the optimism and energy in the team. That was also the first sign that this team keenly looking to find a way back in to this game.

Jaydev Unadkat along with his lively and spirited bowling unit just delivered a bowling effort which was the need of the hour.  Bowling UP out in 194  was the game changer and that created an outright chance to win this game for team Saurashtra.Jaydev unadkat has lead from the front this season and his performance is evident from the statistics.

However to score 372 to win in the last inning was also a record creating chase in the First Class history of this game in India. But the young Harvik desai with his partner Snell Patel   stood up to the challenge and gave a fantastic start of 132 runs for the first wicket.  Later it was the dependable Pujara,  Jackson ensured that the team achieved what seems to be unachivable.

Well done Team Saurashtra...

With the kind of spirit, effort and attitude this team is playing I am inclined to want more, probably the most of winning the title. . Go for it Saurashtra.

By Prakash Bhatt

Former Captain & Player of Saurashtra’s Ranji Trophy Team