As we all know Ravindra Jadeja, the ICC number -1 all rounder is capable of achieving improbable targets & mile stones on the basis of his sheer talent and unbreakable commitment. His presence on the field itself is a treat to watch.

Recently Ravindra Jadeja achieved an amazing glory which is rare in the history of cricket. While playing for Jamnagar District against Amreli district team in a game of T-20 tournament organised by Saurashtra Cricket Association, Ravindra Jadeja went on to hit 6 sixes in an over with consummate ease.

The art of hitting the ball out of park is something every cricketer wants to master. There are only few batsmen in the world of cricket who have done it six times in a row, connecting all 6 balls, without fail. So far only five batsmen have done it at the first class level and above. They are 1) Sir Garfield Sobbers, 2) Ravi Shastri, 3) Herchelle Gibbs, 4) Yuvraj singh and 5) Alex Hales.

Though it was not a first class game but the T-20 tournament of SCA is quite competitive. All the district teams are quite efficient and capable of playing hard and high level of cricket in this format. That also adds quite a value to Ravindra’s achievement.

We would not be surprised if Ravindra repeats the same stroke play in an ODI, IPL or international T-20 game in future. Who knows it might just be a rehearsal by the champion!!!

- By Prakash Bhatt
 (Prominent Player and Former Captain of Saurashtra Ranji Team)