Deepest Condolences

Everyone at Saurashtra Cricket Association express deep grief at the sad demise of Shri Arun Jaitley.

Jaitleyji’s sad demise is a great loss to the Nation and also to the World of Cricket. His love and affection for Cricket was remarkable and unforgettable. Jaitley Saheb will be remembered with the feelings of admiration for his significant and incomparable contribution to growth and development of the Nation, and also for immeasurable contribution to the promotion, prestige, popularity and glory of Indian Cricket. His vision, perception, dedication and proficiency in betterment of the Nation and also for Cricket has been meritorious and inspiring.

Niranjan Shah, former Hon. Secretary of BCCI & Saurashtra Cricket Association stated “ Jaitley Saheb’s sad demise is a great loss to the Nation,  Indian Cricket and International Cricket. At a time when Indian Cricket is in great need of dynamism and decisiveness at the helm of its affairs, demise of Jaitley Saheb is all the more painful and distressing. He was personal & loving friend who shall be missed forever.” Mr. Shah added, he will fondly cherish memories of tenure working with and  under very able guidance of Jaitleyji.

Everyone in Saurashtra Cricket Association prayed for Jaitley Saheb’s departed noble soul.